In between recently launching my blog and building my brand as an Instagram influencer while working full-time and trying to kickstart a career in real estate has been an insane load of work. I was working on my own-rather than having a “team” or any type of assistance. Now that I have expanded on more endeavors in life, there are plenty of hats that I have to wear when it comes to my daily routine. Due to this, there are several days where I feel like I am becoming a bit overwhelmed, but I do enjoy every endeavor that I am currently pursuing so I honestly could not ever choose to give one up.

Through the past years that I began working and university, I have gotten much better at managing my time with such a busy schedule. For my full-time job, though it is just in retail, it can be extremely draining and prohibits me to even be allowed time to work on anything else- thus it is strictly business when I am there. After 8 full hours of standing on your feet and talking al day, it is nearly unbearable to even be able to go home and compose a blog post or network to find leads for real estate. Following this, is how I try my best to avoid any type of burnout between a multitude of tasks I see daily!


When I am trying to be more productive, there is nothing that hinders me more than checking my cell notifications. Rather than having my notifications for my email and text message, I am sure to mute them or turn them off and handle everything at one time later-that way I am focused on whatever task I have at hand.


You have all probably seen one of these on Instagram before, but if not, a productivity cube is probably one of the simplest ways to track time. They are customizable, so that whenever you need something as little as ten minutes of time to yourself or an hour, you can easily apply that into your cube. I find them incredibly useful when I need to allot myself time for emails, planner time, or when I am reading. It is great for me to use to avoid procrastinating and will help me focus on my current tasks! You can buy a productivity cube here.


While this may sound very odd and time consuming, it is really not. There are plenty of meditation apps(I love Headspace), that you can download on your mobile phones and squeeze in 5 minutes of your day. You can do them alone with your headphones or make it a group activity with some colleagues, but everyone can benefit with a bit of meditation and thought clearing.


I know that this is not always an option, but I think that everyone should to take a lunch break outside of the workplace at least twice a week. In the business world, we have a tendency to just eat through lunch at our desks so that we can continue working, but in reality, it is not at all the healthiest thing for us. It is really nice to get outside and get to move around every once in a while, even if it isn’t every day. Persuade your team to make it a group thing to ease any work-related stress!


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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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