We all know that beautiful skin starts from the inside. What we put in our bodies reflects on our outside (along with some other factors), but food is definitely a major factor. There are certain foods to pay close attention to if you’re looking to improve the overall appearance of your skin. Consider adding the following foods to your diet for radiant, healthier-looking skin.


It might sound obvious to eat green vegetables in this case, but remains true. Dark, leafy greens such as kale, spinach, arugula, and broccoli are loaded with benefits. They’re packed with vitamins that promote collagen production for tighter, younger looking skin.


Another food full of healthy fat is salmon, which works wonders for your skin. Salmon is rich in Omega-3s and is well-known as an anti-inflammatory food. It helps prevent inflammation from the inside out and can repair skin that’s already damaged. Eating salmon can also help other skin issues like dryness, irritation, and discoloration.


This tropical fruit contains a plethora of active enzymes which pass on their health benefits. One enzyme, chymopapain, has been used to reduce inflammation—a common source of skin conditions. And another enzyme, papain, can help remove blemishes and even treat acne when applied topically as the enzyme dissolves pore-clogging fats and cleanses the skin.


It’s widely known that avocados are beneficial to our skin as well as our hair. The healthy fats present in avocados can help with a variety of skin issues including sensitivity, redness, fighting against free radicals. Avocados also help your skin retain water, so you’ll be left with a supple and smooth appearance.


Natto is a Japanese dish made by boiling and fermenting soybeans with bacteria that increases the nutritional value of the bean. Natto is unique in that it’s the highest dietary source of vitamin K2—a vitamin which is important for cardiovascular and bone health as well as promoting skin elasticity to prevent wrinkles. Additionally, natto is a potent source of gut-healing probiotics, deeming this unique snack one of our best foods for skin. A healthy gut can keep inflammation at bay, which researchers say may affect the health of our skin since many troubles like eczema, acne, and psoriasis stem from inflammation.


While blueberries are delicious, they also have an amazing amount of anti-aging benefits. They’re already found in plenty of skincare products thanks to their age-fighting abilities, but the antioxidant properties also help protect against environmental aggressors. Blueberries are also full of vitamin A which can help balance your skin’s equilibrium.

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