Although many beauty brands have been releasing makeup primers forever, it still remains one of the most mysterious products in the market. There is a large array of different options available(hydrating, magnifying, blurring, etc.), so it can be extremely confusing to determine which will work best for you. I personally love primer and believe that whenever I apply makeup without applying a primer, my makeup doesn’t look as well set and will not stay on my face as long as it would if I were to utilize a primer. Below, you will find my advice on how to use it properly!


In the least amount of words-primer is named properly. It is a preparatory product that is applied following your skincare to create a smooth canvas to hold any future cosmetic products that come afterward. They do come in an aggressively large assortment of forms-thus it is very important to note that many of the new primers in the market don’t just “smooth” your skin- they are now brightening, anti-aging, and anti-acne!

If you are wondering whether or not you need it in your routine, reflect on how you feel about your everyday makeup and finish of your face. If you find something is missing or off, your makeup doesn’t stay as well, or you become shiny very quickly, a primer could fix all, if not most, of your worries.


Unlike products that exist specifically to lock in your makup(setting spray/powder), primers are applied in between skin care and makeup. In regard to application, I find it best to use your fingers to apply because it is the easiest way to blend everything together for a flawless finish. Do note that you should wait a moment for the primer to dry before layering on any makeup and apply lightly!


If you are looking to reduce any facial redness or boost radiance, look for a color-correcting primer. If you are looking to fade fine lines and wrinkles, look for a smoothing primer. One of the best in my personal favorites, is the Make Up Forever Mattifying Primer because you really feel the product sticking onto your skin and being locked in.


One of the most common mistakes that I experience with people applying primer is that they apply makeup too quickly the primer. If you do not give it at least 2 minutes to settle into your skin, chances are you may mix the formulation of the makeup with the formulation of the primer, thus eventually losing all of the benefits of using the primer. Another common one I’ve seen is using the wrong primer for your skin type- you do not want to use a mattifying primer if your skin is already dry, the same with using a illuminating primer on oily skin.


Whether or not you find using a primer a necessity, it is 100% up to you. If you find that primers don’t make a significant improvement in your makeup, skip it. However, it could also mean that you aren’t using one that will work for you! I know there are several makeup experts that do not feel primer to be necessary-either way do your research and try what interests you.

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