One of my favorite things I look forward to daily, when time permits, is a soothing body scrub. This added step in my shower routine is a combo of exfoliation and pampering that is so incredibly beneficial to my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed and invigorated once its completed.

I am sure that you have all purchased a body scrub/polish to use in the shower, but have you ever though about the actual benefits of using one? Did you know how great they are for your skin- because they’re FULL of benefits and do a lot more than leave you with soft and supple skin. Whether you have or have not tried one, below you will learn more about the benefits of them and why I believe that you should consider using a body scrub, especially during the winter time. I love the ones from HerbivoreArt Naturals, and Pure Scrubs!


One of the main benefits of using a body scrub is for the physical exfoliation, I will aim to go for one that is sugar-based and will help to get rid of dead skin cells without damaging the natural state of my skin. Rather than using anything that is too aggressive on my skin, I will aim towards using something with a gentle exfoliant that will encourage cell reproduction and leave my skin feeling smooth.


The action of applying a body scrub is just as beneficial as its ingredients found inside. A body scrub encourages the flow of blood circulation as well as promoting lymphatic drainage. As a result, your body will drain the fluid from your lymph nodes and boost your blood circulation. It is vital for your body to maintain healthy circulation and get your blood flowing and using a body scrub is one of the easiest steps you can take for this.


Regular exfoliation is important for preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. By using a body scrub 2x a week, you can keep both of these bothersome skin conditions at bay. This will unclog your pores and moisturize your skin enough to prevent any future irritation.


The same way we use exfoliants on our face to reduce the appearance of acne scars, we can use a body scrub on the rest of our body to reduce the appearance of other scarring. The exfoliating properties of a body scrub will help scars/dark spots/uneven skin tone fade over time. It is also important to note that this will also be a result of the cell regeneration process.


Due to the fact that you are opening up your pores with the scrub, you are allowing moisture to penetrate your skin deeper. This is a huge benefit during the winter and will help you combat dry skin. Rather than having your body lotion sit atop the surface of your skin, it will reach well beneath that and the ingredients will be even more effective.


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