As a beauty blogger, it’s in the best interest of my audience for me to try and provide feedback on the products that I stumble upon. I am a total skincare and makeup junkie and love to switch things up in my routine every once in a while. I have posted my skincare favorites in the past, but I have officially gotten on a lighter routine, thus the objective of this article. I’d love to know what steps you do and what order you do them in, below in the comments!


One of the most important steps in your skincare routine should be the removal of all makeup; by relying solely on your cleanser to remove your makeup, you are most likely missing several hard-to-reach spots. Especially with eye makeup and waterproof foundations, you will want a stronger chemical-based wipe before cleansing. My favorite is the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes.


As for cleanser, I personally prefer a thicker, gel-based formula. Although I do appreciate a good scrub cleanser, I LOVE the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex because in its formulation there is soothing chemicals as well as anti-acne serums. It is gel based so it isn’t too harsh to use daily, and I love that it helps with brightening the skin to get rid of dark spots and redness in the face.


It may seem a bit intensive to those of you who are unfamiliar with toner, but to me it works as a double agent as a pre-moisturizer but also as a final cleanser. If you apply the Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Aloe Toner to a cotton round and spread evenly over the face, you will see additional sebum as well as hard to remove makeup that your wipes and cleanser may have missed!


With plenty of facial serums on the market with a WIDE variety of prices, it is very difficult to navigate which will work the best for your skin type. I have done several posts on serums for the skin, but by far the best will always be the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery because its formulation is moisturizing yet firming for the skin.


If you could cut out all of the steps in this routine and had to do just 1, moisturizer should be the one. Nothing is worse than a dry, flaky face. Not only does it look very dry and unhealthy, but it can also physically hurt you. There are several variations for what you can do if you are too “lazy” to apply it like a spray, but I prefer a cream or liquid formula. I currently am using the Dior Snow MicroInfused Brightening Lotion however I wouldn’t suggest it, in comparison to a Kiehl’s Facial Creme or even Aveeno Facial Moisturizer.


Again, another optional step, but for those of you who suffer from sever under eye baggage or are trying to avoid looking older than your current age, a lot of that affect thrives from the raccoon eye syndrome. Using an eye serum will puff your undereyes thus giving you a more youthful appearance. You will also look more awake, even if you aren’t getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep nightly! I find that roll-ons make it a bit more easy to apply and it feels nice and cooling- Clinique All About Eyes Roll-On Serum works incredibly for all skin types.


Masks should be done bi/tri-weekly but not daily. However you choose to schedule your masks is up to your personal discretion, but I personally prefer to do a cleansing mask weekly and a hydrating mask weekly. On occasion, I will do the cleansing clay mask by Glam Glow and will follow up the after(or apply it another night of the week) with the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. I do also enjoy doing a sheet mask, because they are very highly concentrated ways to have specific essences put into your skin, and can be either brightening, firming, or even skin tightening.

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