Although it is not at all a new concept, the minimalist lifestyle is trending all across the United States. The movement has inspired people to move into smaller homes, cut down their wardrobes, and donate their possessions. Countless bloggers document their forays into minimalism and even the television channel, HGTV, has begun to highlight the benefits and has three television series on tiny houses in its current lineup. Many entrepreneurs have picked up on this and are figuring out how they can capitalize on the minimalism/decluttering trends.

Not only does this save you TONS of money to focus on things like memories and experiences, but it makes life much more relaxed. Baby Boomers had a strange obsession with hoarding and collecting trinkets and tchotchkes that it literally overwhelms them to be in their home. It is also much easier to maintain hygiene when you have less to clean and it just looks a bit more crisp and well put together.

*Below are my tips to becoming a minimalist*


The biggest pieces in any room is the furniture, so it is always best to begin simplifying a room by looking at its furniture. The fewer pieces of furniture, the better. Think of which furniture can be eliminated without losing the comfort and livability of your home. Go for a few pieces of plain, simple furniture that you can utilize for a long time. Stick with neutral tones for your bed as well as your sitting area and dining area, like grey woodsy tones or bone.



Some people hang all kinds of stuff on their walls. This kind of destroys the look of the “minimalist” home. Keep your walls clean except for one/two simple pieces of nice artwork like the ones shown below. Also, walls are typically painted white/grey or are a simple brick pattern.


*I do also love a neon sign on a clean wall*



So you’ve finally cleared the clutter and chosen quality over quantity, but there are still a few stragglers hanging around. This is where you get sneaky and invest in stylish storage. Attractive storage allows chaos to live inside while still appearing chic on the outside. This is great news for those who love the minimalistic look but are true hoarders on the inside. You don’t have to completely forgo your collector past, but the hoarder mindset has got to be eviscerated.



A minimalistic room with neutral tones can tend to feel bland, but there’s one foolproof trick that remedies this every time: texturization. Tune up the visual appeal with knitted throws, beaded pillows, sheepskin rugs, and velvet décor for that much-needed comfort factor. While restraint is usually advised, feel free to go wild with these sensory touch points. Generally, the colors that blend well are the ones nature intended.



No matter the base color of your minimalist home, plant-life is always a nice accent piece. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with shrubbery, or decide to get more exciting with Venus Et Fleur bringing liveliness into your home is always refreshing. You can still keep it aesthetically appealing with a cement-like pot or vase!


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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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