Being someone that has always had big dreams and insanely high hopes for they future, I’ve always paid close attention to the way things make me feel. For my own creative thought process, I like to lay everything out and have clear vision of what I want to gain. This is where vision board creation comes into life; every once in a while, I like to sit down and create a vision for any thoughts going through my mind or any personal goals I’d like to see myself succeed. Vision boards benefit anyone when done correctly, because everyone should have things that they would like to accomplish. When viewed, we can take action and will hopefully attempt to achieve it.


Begin by building a list of everything you would hope to accomplish in the next year or quarter, if you can’t set goals for either, aim for something lower such as monthly. Your list should focus on specific areas of your life, whether it be health or career or relationships. Make sure your vision board keep relevance to those topics.


Your sources should come from the areas that you find the most interesting, for me I find it in magazines such as Vogue. Look for quotes, colors, products, or anything else that draws you in. Just be sure that it sticks to your specific vision.


Obviously, to start things off, you’ll need a board. I typically will stick with a large poster board from Target, but they are also easy to do on a framed board. Stock up on glue, pins, colored pencils/markers and scissors to be able to cut things out and crop other things out.


Before pasting and pinning any of your cutouts, lay it all out. Play around with it and shift things around until you see a board that really speaks to your dreams. Remember, you’ll be seeing this every instance that you walk by its display, so you have to love it.


Decide where you want to hang up your board, and make sure that you get a clear view of it at least twice daily. It’s proven that we are more motivated to go out and get things done when we can literally view them. Whether it’s in your bedroom, office, or bathroom, just make sure you’ll actually get to see it all the time.


If you have a pile of photos that don’t seem mesh together, don’t worry! Don’t try to make a rational connection, just accept that both images mean something to your relevant goals and dreams.

Posted by:TheIcePrince

Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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