What I personally consider to be one of the most important items any student or working class civilian should own is a great, durable bag. By that, I mean, one that holds all of your necessities while still managing to go with your personal life. A lot of us are used to shoving all of our belonging in a huge, clunky bag that doesn’t match our style at all, and it shouldn’t have to be that way. If you’re in search of a new bag for work or school, I’m sharing my favorite picks in different styles that can work for in the office, in the classroom, or in your everyday life.


Totes 1.png

1. Kendall+Kylie Izzy Tote

2. Madewell Zip-Top Transport Carryall Tote

3. Old Navy Suede East-West Tote

A large tote is my ideal bag for housing all of your essentials if you don’t want to go back to wearing backpacks. Browse through totes that have several compartments and pockets for storing different items. That way you can keep everything a lot more organized and much easier to find. Also, you’ll have another cute, yet functional bag to add to your closet.



1. Madewell Transport Rucksack

2. Steve Madden BGlossy Clear Backpack

3. Sam Edelman Doreen Backpack

4. Zara Nylon Backpack

For those who still enjoy wearing backpacks, there are still so many stylish options in the market. You don’t have to settle for the same “Jansport” styles nowadays, because there are so many color palettes, styles, and structures to test out. A faux-leather backpack is just as good, if not better, as a classic work tote.



 1. Herschel Pop Quiz Messenger

2. Angela Roi Eloise Satchel

3. Fossil Buckner Messenger

I love the messenger bag, because it kind of reminds me of the 80s newspaper delivery boy look. It makes me feel young again; but in all honesty, its similar to everyone obsession with the backpack trend. Your arms are free while your body is carrying the bag; you can cling onto your subway rails or have free hands for coffee or your morning bagel.

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