For those of you who do not know what self-care is, chances are you have been successfully practicing it for some time. The term is becoming largely popular, simply because of it’s “social first” ideology that celebrities and bloggers alike are all promoting the benefits of it. Typically, self-care would be doing things that are beneficial to your health whether it be a spa day, facial masking, or meditation. It’s vital to invest the time and energy to take time for yourself and your needs. As much as I love to be on an active schedule and work on different projects, I also know when it’s right to take time off—even if that means an hour or an entire day. Below, are a few things I like to do when I check out and indulge in self-care.


The most obvious coinage for self-care is pampering whether it be a spa day/massage or facial masking. While self-care should not only be focused in the physical department, it doesn’t hurt to pamper yourself a bit while you’re at it. I like to enjoy a nice long bath with some candles set up, I love treating my skin to a nice cleansing mask then following up with a hydrating mask when I feel like it needs an extra “pick me up” moment.


I live so much of my life online, and eventually I get overwhelmed on occasion. When I take a break, I like to turn my phone to silent and also avoid checking emails and social feeds for a bit of time. Being on my phone or computer all the time can become mentally draining, so this allows me to temporarily be off the radar and not feel like I’m updating 24/7.


One of my personal favorite ways to practice self-care is to read a book. They can be fiction, or non-fiction but giving your brain the substance and your eyes the time to read and expand your vocabulary. I oddly enjoy reading fiction, because when you read interesting “story lines” your mind will also visualize what your mind is processing thus giving your thought process a bit more of a workout.


As basic as it may sound, nearly every successful person swears by meditation. Even a swift 10-minute session of simple breathing exercises can help turn your whole day around. When I’m feeling stressed from work, school, or anything for that matter, I think that a guided meditation aids my soul. You can find a ton of different sessions on YouTube or various apps such as Headspace, that have instructors, if you’re unsure where to start.


This may seem completely and totally random considering how stressful closet cleaning and organization can be. However, I do find it relaxing to put on a nice podcast or YouTube video and get to work; it gives me plenty of me-time and declutters my mind. While doing senseless busy work like folding/hanging garments you are also given the ability to release stress and relax.


You’ve likely seen a ton of attention on essential oils and their healing properties lately, and it’s definitely worth the hype. Whether you apply the oils onto your wrists and temples or use an oil diffuser to release the scents, they’re incredibly beneficial. I love eucalyptus oil for de-stressing and lavender oil right before I go to bed. Essential oils really allow you to unwind and enjoy the healing properties of each unique scent.

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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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