It honestly upsets me to even say, or even to think, that the entire world revolves around money. You can simply lie to yourself or turn a blind eye on the simple fact, but it is unfortunately true that EVERYTHING costs money. A good thing to consider as a possibility if your schedule permits it is a “side hustle”. Plenty of us have been there, even if we don’t have traditional careers with typical employers and are considering a passion project, it’s truly great to learn how you can monetize your skills. It’s not entirely impossible to tackle more than one job at a time and there are a good amount of options that offer flexible hours and copious side money. Below, I’ve gathered a few side hustles to keep on your mind if you’re looking for extra cash or just a distraction from your regular daily routine.


With new and booming services like Favor and Postmates you are able to simply drive to a restaurant, pick up someones food order, and then deliver it to them for a “driver’s fee”. The companies boast having their employees able to build their own schedules and make upwards of $25,000 annually. That is not bad at all for it only being a side gig that you do in your free time; additionally, it is much safer than transporting intoxicated people and you will still receive tips.


Oddly enough, there are plenty of part-time sales gigs that you can try. Not specifically working in retail, but depending on the industry you’re interested in, you’re bound to find something either online or independent-contract style. These are typically strictly commission, but you quickly learn how to make great sales. For example, Rodan+Fields hires consultants countrywide and gives them their own website link and customized training, starting at earning commission all every sale and every referral they draw in.


If you ever dreamed of being a writer, now is your opportunity. Freelance online writing gigs are now more popular than ever, and you don’t need a ton of experience for a majority of them. If you have a story to tell, try submitting it to the site with relevant audiences and brand voice. If you have some extra time on your plate, consider becoming a weekend/evening writer for websites that have different shifts. Keep an eye out for editors who are accepting pitches and don’t be afraid to reach out.


If you have a knack for crafting or merchandising consider selling on Etsy. The online market allows for shop owners to sell anything from vintage clothing to home décor. Another major bonus about Etsy is that web designers can also sell pre-made site themes for blogs, and other branding services through their online store.


This side hustle will be a bit more difficult to get into, because it has become such a popular trade practice, however on average interior designers can make upwards of $60k annually. The most difficult thing to remember about this, is that many clients will want someone to design their home that has a degree or some form of proof that they learned all about interior design, but if you have friends or acquaintances that trust your styling you would be able to be compensated an hourly fee as well as commission from certain brands that you sell from.


Joining a focus group is an excellent way of getting paid to share your individual opinion or experience. Focus groups can be found locally, but some are also conducted through telephone or internet. You can earn money for reviewing consumer goods, clinical trials, and tons more. Some focus groups offer more than $500 for simply participating in their studies.


Although I do agree that this “job” sounds completely random at first, it is quite interesting. There are several companies that will hire temporarily and give their temps a type of  “checklist” and essentially will grade employees for brands on particular focuses. It is extremely common in retail no matter the level of luxury or experience, because upper management deserves to be able to get a view on how their brand is being represented.

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