Choosing the correct foundation for yourself can be one of the most daunting tasks we all must face, typically every 3/4 months(if you like to switch up your routine). Not only do you have to worry about the shade and its formulation, you also have to stress about how the chemicals in the foundation will mix and react with your skin. The following list are my personal favorites, in no particular order, and seem to work will with everyone that I suggest to try them, so I do sincerely hope they work out for you!

Dior Nude Skin Air Serum

This product is literally amazing, it leaves a flawless finish with medium coverage and semi-dewy. However, I will say that it is my recommendation to not forget to utilize setting powder with the product, as if you do not the foundation will transfer particularly onto cell phones and clothing. Another warning, is that their shade range is a bit limited so be prepared to be wait-listed or to have to mix two foundations to get your correct shade.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid

My absolute favorite drugstore cosmetic product ever, even before being backed by Jeffree Star. For a price point of only $10.77, this rockstar product is definitely an amazingly cheap find; the bottle will last you 3/4 months, but it truly works wonders. I find it works better than some of the higher end foundations, and it truly is long-wearing. I literally wore it to swim and the powerful combination of the gripping foundation and my primer, my face was still pretty set!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk

This foundation is featured in almost every single “must have foundation” review that I have read, and I do believe that it is for good reason. It is natural looking, but buildable; and holds up incredibly well on the skin. Not only that, it also photographs beautifully. Its definitely worth the price, but the price point is the highest of every foundation on the list, so I would suggest using a tester to ensure that it is exactly worth your investment.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude

Estee Lauder has been a very well known brand because of their cosmetics and fragrances, but also for being the brand that buys out several designer brands cosmetic lines; including Michael Kors, YSL Beauty, and Dior. Their own product was kind of blown into notoriety for having Kendall Jenner be the face promoting their product, and what human would not want to look like Kendall?? The formulation is lightweight, maintains a dewy and glowy appeal, however it will not last as long as some of the others!

Make Up Forever Matte Velvet


The packaging for this product is actually my favorite, aside for the L’Oreal foundation, I adore any squeeze tube, because it grants the user complete control of the amount of product to use. Its texture is a creamy velvet liquid, not exactly runny or thick. I also love that the texture of the product is not drying/greasy thanks to the oil-free formulation.

Kat Von D Tattoo Lock-It

I am completely anti-Kat Von D after the entire altercation with Jeffree Star, just because I love Jeffree Star. However, I can attest that her foundation is probably one of the best that I have tried, but it is definitely not for everyone. It builds to almost a tattoo cover-up quality, hence the name, but it is for those that want HEAVY coverage. You wouldn’t wear this everyday, especially in the sun if you want to look natural. However, it is beautiful for photos if you aren’t in harsh natural lighting.

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