If you are like me, working out is the WORST possible thing in the world. Not only do you get sweaty, tired, and bored, not to mention you can’t even wear makeup; but athletic wear is seldom ever cute. Of course, everyone is obsessed with wearing “athletic” wear through their daily lives, but how much of it actually functional during a good workout? This is my compiled list of pieces that are versatile for the gym or for everyday life, but will aid you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle while also looking cute.

Sneakers |APL Sneakers|

Probably the most vital part of getting a great gym wardrobe, sneaker need to be versatile yet functional and still attractive. APL are for sure my favorite brand, since hearing of them from Kylie Jenner(thank you Mom) I have been obsessed. They are extremely lightweight, hold up really well, and have a slight instep in them if you are ever wanting to run in them. The come in a LARGE variety of colors and look great with a good pair of skinny jeans or Lulu Lemon leggings.

Leggings |Alo Yoga Leggings|

Nothing is worse than a sweaty crotch or sweaty ass, so for leggings you should consistently stick with a “Dry-Fit” material. I prefer AloYoga over Lulu, just because the quality makes the brand a bit more long-wearing and the color does not fade with washing. They also have the most interesting designs, with cutouts, fun prints, and matching sports bra sets.

Long-Sleeve Top |Nike Top|

For some odd reason, Nike as a brand to me personally is a bit overrated. Along with Lulu Lemon, I feel as though the companies are only popular for their logo; it has kind of become a status symbol for wealth. However, I do love the fit of their workout shirts, particularly their long sleeves, solely because of how they fit around my arms. They are just tight enough to not make it uncomfortable to move my limbs when running without excess fabric flopping around. They do also come in a wide variety of exciting colors.

Water Flask |HydroFlask|

Another necessity, HydroFlask is well known for their size and appearance. The price is a bit steep for a reusable water bottle, but the quality is simply unbeatable. They are almost like a thermos, because of its insulation so not only can you use it to carry water/Gatorade/wine but you are also to travel with ramen because it will keep the broth fresh and hot! They come in plenty of colors and sizes, but the largest ones come with a handle for easier carrying.

Yoga Mat|Balance From Mat|

A yoga mat makes everything a bit easier, not only can it be used for yoga, but for plenty of abdominal workouts that require you to lie on your back makes everything a bit more padded and comfortable. I prefer one that comes in a carrying case or has straps attached for easy travel, but they are reminiscent of sleeping bags so most will come with a bag.

Fitness Tracker |FitBit|

As the trend of constantly tracking steps and heart rate grows, FitBit as a company is keeping up with the demands of its consumers. They are constantly coming up with new creative ways to rebrand and add exactly what their customers are wanting; but for me, the original is all I need because it is less bulky. They are amazing, because they will track your steps and heart rate, but they also have reminders set to drink water and live a more active lifestyle even if you do not have access to a gym. They also come with interchangeable bands, to switch up the look to match your amazing new APL sneakers!

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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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