If there is one thing we are all too familiar with, it is a messy closet. It’s always a smart idea to deep clean your closet at least three to four times a year, for your own sake;  there are probably tons of items you haven’t worn in a while, or have yet to wear, and then there are those pieces that just don’t fit your personal style anymore—it happens. Below are the steps I follow for when it is time to clean out my own closet, which I am finding myself doing for fall ♥♥ Take a peek and let me know your personal tips in the comments!

  1. Get Organized

I completely understand that cleaning out your wardrobe can be stressful, so the first step is to get organized. Black out your calendar and make time to do it the right way, because it will take hours, if not all day. You should probably stock up on new hangers, in-closet storage options, or shoe racks. The goal is to be even more organized once your closet is cleaned out, so take care of this step beforehand.

  2. Lay It Out

This is my favorite part: removing everything from your closet. I find it best to do it in smaller sections. Start with tops and bottoms, then move on to outwear, and lastly shoes and handbags. By laying out your collection, you get a definitive vision of what’s actually in your closet, and it will make the entire process simpler.

  3. Separate Your Forgotten Items

If you notice there are a few items you have not worn or even thought of in a while, separate them from the rest. Items that are worn often obviously have your attention for a reason, so keep them away from the stray pieces. Now it is time to be the judge and move on with the next step.

  4. Delegate 

Now is the time to decide what to keeping and what to tossing, those forgotten items mentioned above will almost never see the light of day, and you should consider getting rid of them. In addition, there are likely a bunch of pieces in your closet that no longer fit your style, and it may be best to move on. If you’re no longer a fan of how something physically fits you anymore, it’s time to get rid of it instead of holding on to it. All of your favorite or sentimental pieces should return to your closet, especially if you have no doubts about keeping them.

  5. Sell/Donate

Whatever you do with your clothing once the closet is cleaned out is entirely up to your personal discretion. Do your research and find nearby locations that allow you to re-sell your things, or at least donate them. Please, verify that the items are not damaged or worn out because nobody will accept them if they are.

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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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