In my research of millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs, my findings have one common denominator: reading. Studies show that simply by reading 15 minutes a day not only works out your brain, grows your vocabulary, but it also is very popular way that many people reduce their stress and sleep easier. Some of the wealthiest people boast their reading schedules to be as often as 2-3 hours per day; they cut sleep out of their schedules, rush dinner with family, and take their “breaks” all in order to allot time to read. The books below are my personal recommendations for any aspiring entrepreneur, or anyone that just needs a good self help book to read.

The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth: One of my absolute favorite books for life and building wealth; Altucher features his own personal experiences from being unemployed and on the verge of homelessness to making millions by selling his “services” to major companies. He does also have an amazing “cheat sheet” to starting your own company, suggest writing 10 thoughts a day, and kissing ass to everyone who’s opinion matters more than anything.

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Although I have featured this book on the list, it is not technically an entrepreneurial book, however it is one of the best books to read for life. It is the most basic set of philosophies of working/dealing with people. The author of the book highlights the importance of an orientation outside of one’s self in all variations of communication. It also reminds us that life is more than about you, and in order for you to advance in any career or social situation, you need to be able to benefit someone else.

The Four-Hour Work Week: This book is often referred to as “The Bible of Lifestyle Design” and I do consider it to be for good reason, though I do believe that the title can be deceiving. You will, leave your typical 9-5 lifestyle, but chances are you will not only work four hours a week(I hope you are all aware of this!). Ferris teaches you briefly how to use your time and location beneficially to to gain financial leverage, through lessons from his personal experience in prioritization, outsourcing, and automation.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Upon the release of the book, it instantly became a must-have, simply because people took notice of their lives being headed in the wrong direction. More than that, they began to realize that there were multiple things they were able to do in order to navigate through their life correctly. My biggest takeaway from this book is to plan whatever action you plan on doing and do it do it well, because if not, someone else is going to do what you wanted.

Think and Grow Rich: Before the release in 1975, Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of successful people, attempting to highlight a common pattern of behavior and attributes amongst successful people. Initially, I believed that this book would only aid me in the performance of my life, through tips/habits and principles of successful people. However, my image of the book instantly changed, it also helped me in becoming a better person and how to properly treat people and the immediate repercussions afterwards.

*All of the mentioned books are available on Audible as well, but your brain will not do as much work if it is just processing rather than reading*


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