Packing for any type of trip is stressful; whether it be for business or for pleasure, a list of essentials will always help to reduce the high anxiety affiliated with packing. The most difficult thing about travel, is usually the oxidization that occurs when transporting through and airplane(dry, chilly, and constant recycling of the air flow). Another issue that seems to be predominant with packing is the climate of the place that you are going to visit, so keep in mind these are general basics and are not climate specific, though I can do one when requested!

Mario Badescu Lavender Spray |Lavender Spray|

This lavender spray is on the list because I see multiple ways that it can be used, not only will the aloe refresh and brighten your makeup but it has chamomile in it has antioxidants as well as anti-bacterial benefits. Lastly, the lavender is a refreshing scent on your skin, and reduces the redness in your face.

 Living Proof Dry Shampoo |Dry Shampoo|

You can now say goodbye to greasy hair and freshen up your roots with this amazing tip. If you are running late for a flight or have the jitters about travel, chances are you’re probably getting sweaty and nothing is worse than ruined/flat hair. I love Living Proof for their dry shampoo, because not only does it smell amazing, give your hair that clean and sleek feel, but it also will help to texturize your hair.

The Face Shop Sheet Mask |Sheet Mask Set|

Nothing is worse than the drying air that is on the airplane, also it is a bit disgusting that the air is constantly being recycled, although I guess there is no other way to receive fresh oxygen. One of the biggest disadvantages to this, is that it can be incredibly drying for your face. Thus, bringing me to my favorite company for sheet masks. Not only is the product amazing, but a set of 15 count for $16, brings each individual mask to $1.06!

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfume |Perfume|

Flights can be long and draining, therefore I find it best in my experience to travel with a travel-size fragrance on hand. Not only will it wake you up, but it is also refreshing to smell something familiar. I personally love Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, but in the attached link are travel sizes for the white and black, both being light and woodsy fragrances.

Coconut Water |Coconut Water|

Now, before you laugh and show all of your friends that I consider coconut water to be an amazing beauty tool for travel. As many of you, hopefully, know beauty ALWAYS starts from the inside. You have to take care of your skin from the inside and the outside; and one of the absolute best things for your skin is hydration. There is plenty of regular waters, however I find coconut water to be the best during travel, because of its naturally high levels of electrolytes. It is almost like nature’s Gatorade!

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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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