What I consider to be a staple is a piece that is constantly on trend, pairs well with nearly everything you have on hand, and something that is usually iconic and fit for all seasons of the year(even in Texas). These pieces are not at all gender specific, thus furthering the possibilities of amazing outfits you are all able to turn out.

*Keep in mind these are not meant to be brand specific, I chose the images based on color flow*

The Sunglass |Sunglass|

A cute pair of shades are an essential in life, not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they also prevent wrinkles in your skin from reducing the need of squinting in the sun. Yes, I did learn that from Jeffree Star, but it has been proven to be true. Not only are they functional, but finding an attractive pair can really set up a look, just don’t be that girl that wears sunglasses indoors to show that she has Dior sunglasses from 2015.

The Layered Necklace |Necklace|

For some reason, this is one trend I find to be so attractive. For women, the way the layered pieces lay atop the chest, with a low cut shirt just looks so sexy. And for men, with a plain tee shirt, skinny jeans, and Chelsea boots, just so attractive. I’m finding most people will purchase a set and wear 2 of the 3 but I kind of love the over done look.

The Denim Jacket |Denim Jacket|

You can never go wrong with a denim jacket, whether it is hot or cold, day or night. You can switch up the look by simply rolling up the sleeves, or wearing it off the shoulder to get a cooler vibe. It is also pretty trendy to have patches ironed on the front pockets which I am 1000% on board with.

The T-Shirt |T-Shirt|

The t-shirt is not just any essential, but just ONE quality t-shirt that pairs well with any piece of outerwear and denim and shoes that is good quality. I love comme des garçon for the whispered branding, you have to know it to know it’s expensive. But I love that you can dress it up with a blazer or rock it out with a cool leather jacket of dark skinnies and a white sneaker.

Cropped Trousers |Trousers|

Trousers can make any outfit elevated, but I love the appeal of the cropped trouser. They hit roughly 3 inches above the ankle, but they also draw more attention towards the footwear that you choose to style with the piece. I love it with a simple strappy heel, or a cool pair of white Stan Smith Adidas.

The White Sneaker Sneakers

Nobody can ever have enough white leather sneakers. Common projects are my current favorite, because like the Comme Des Garçons it is whispered luxury, but very simplistic. White sneakers make things a bit more casual, but still super cute and sporty. I love the look with a ribbed bodycon dress, or with a blazer and a nice cropped trouser.

Fitted Blazer |Blazer|

The blazer is a must-have for anyone in a professional setting, and they are great because if you do decide to save up and purchase one that is a higher quality, they will last forever. They do typically require dry-cleaning so that can on occasion be a hassle to your busy schedule, but the better care you give, the more wear you will get from them. Aside from the basic power suit, you can also throw it over jeans a t-shirt to make it a bit more of a business casual vibe for a cute dinner date.

The Black Denim |Denim

Dark wash or black denim, should be able to speak for itself. You can easily pair with a plain t-shirt, but if they have a skinny look, I love that you can style it with a more relaxed vibe with an oversized hoodie or even with a nice oversized denim jacket. Another cool look, is if you skinny cuff them at the bottom for a more tapered look to wear with sneakers or with a sexy redbottom pump.

The Timepiece |Timepiece|

I have had my heart set on this timepiece for eons, but a good simple watch can really make any outfit pop. I love this watch because of the eyes, it’s not too much and not too little; I will suggest a leather band simply because of how chic and professional it looks but I do like the longevity of the metal band.

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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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