With the trend of everyone wearing heavy makeup(contoured, highlighted, and layering different shades of foundation), our standards for cosmetics are much higher. However, women and men alike that are into doing such photogenic makeup, are not setting their makeup. Not only does it help your makeup last much longer, but it also helps set everything in place and makes it a bit less flat. There are several companies that make it specifically to set your makeup with formulation, however I personally enjoy a light rosewater to do the trick. Attached are photos and links to the products that I have, in my experience, loved.

*if there are any recommendations please include them in the comments!*

Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist |Tatchy Dewy Skin Mist |

Now, personally I have never used any Tatcha products, but I have heard through multiple sources that their products are to die for. Though their price is steep, it seems to be worth it, and according to my findings, the almost pairs perfectly with makeup that has been primed with their facial lotion.

SmashBox Primer Water |SmashBox Primer Water|

This product seems a bit misleading with it being titled as a primer water, but I have used it as both a primer and a setting spray. I personally prefer it as a priming spray before actually applying makeup, but it does give a nice finish afterwards.

Urban Decay DeSlick Setting Spray |Urban Decay DeSlick Spray |

Is it just me that totally adores Urban Decay solely for their formulation of their setting spray? I have yet to try this, because my skin is on the dry side as opposed to requiring an oil control. However I am willing to try it, because it seems to have very positive reviews!

NYX Setting Spray |NYX Dewy Finish|

NYX is an amazing company, because their price point is probably the most reasonable of all the brands I have mentioned in this blog post. Their foundations are $8 dollars, their lipsticks $4, and their setting spray $5. The formulation is not precisely the absolute best, but definitely worth the investment!

Mario Badescu Rose Water |Mario Badescu Rose Water |

My absolute favorite product for skincare and cosmetics. Not only will it help out your skin with breakouts because of the aloe, but it also freshens up your makeup. It will give you a nice dewy finish without giving you the fear of running your makeup off.

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray |Urban Decay All Nighter |

Another Urban Decay spray, once again because they are my favorite company for setting sprays. Aside from the Rose water, this is another product I have consistently gone back for in Sephora. The formulation is a bit heavy and sticky because it is intended to be long lasting so prepare yourself for that, but it truly does last all day and night.

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