A good friend of mine told me that all you’d ever need in life was a good handbag and a good lawyer. Fortunately, I have never needed the latter(not yet at least), but a single staple handbag is something I believe every sole individual needs. I hand-picked the following pieces because I believe that the handbag you invest in needs to be a safe but exciting choice, that will take you from day to dinner.

Gucci Dionysus

Since the hiring of Alessandro Michele for Gucci’s creative director, they have killed it nearly every season. Almost every single one of the handbags that he has crafted has been amazing; even the trend with his new Marmont Belts(I STILL HAVE NOT PURCHASED MINE) has put Gucci at the forefront for everyone’s wishlist. Personally, I have been a large fan of the Dionysus, because of the snake-made horseshoe, brushed metal chain, and the touch of suede/patent leather. Though the bag has been believed to be more trendy, I find that the Dionysus is here to stay for a while.

Chanel le Boy Bag

Oh Chanel… It is RARE for Chanel to ever do anything wrong in my eyes. Simply, because it is THE fashion house. Of course, I would die for the Jumbo Classic Flap but the le Boy Bag simply is more appealing to me. Because of the chain, and rectangular shape, I do personally find it to be a bit more visually appealing. It does also come in a variation of sizes, but I do prefer the medium, because of the functionality and the lambskin pebbled leather.

Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour

Every working woman in the world needs a Saint Laurent SDJ; I find this to be common courtesy in a sense. It comes in a large array of sizes and colors, but the classic beauty is a must-have simply because of its simplicity. The accordion style sides, the 5 pronged feet at the bottom and the versatility of the look with the removable long strap make this bag perfect for the office or a quick grocery trip with the offspring!

Michael Kors Bancroft

By no means am I biased, because I work for Michael Kors; I just know amazing product and this is exactly that. I have studied endless handbags but the dedication that Michael Kors devotes towards his collection pieces is endearing. They are all lined with a Goat-Suede interior through heat pressure and the hardware contains palladium to avoid the rusting. Celebs and Street-Style bloggers alike are fawning over this piece and I truly see why!

Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis

Now, before you all have a conniption over the fact that I have a coated canvas handbag on here, I do love the leather variations as well. However, with Louis Vuitton using the double-monogramme look, the two-tone is TO DIE for. I enjoy the compartments, as well as its unique closure.  Also, a single double-sided wrappy looks amazing on the top handle and it does protect the softer leather from any damages from your lotions or fragrances.

Céline Belt Bag

Celine bags are slowly becoming a graduated lover for me–meaning that it takes me a LONG time to fall in love with their pieces. Initially, after the launch and extreme rise of their luggage totes, I was a fan. Eventually after those slowed down, everyone was all over the phantom totes. Now, they have moved onto the belt bag. Oddly enough, this style has been around almost as long as their luggage totes, but they are popping up EVERYWHERE. The only issue, I can seem to find with reviews on the silhouette is that the flap will eventually pull the leather when you carry the piece by the top handle so please be careful!

Fendi Runaway

Ahh Fendi… The Fendi Runaway is another chic and classic piece that I believe every woman should own(also pay attention to the nails in the photo, YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH A NUDE NAIL!!!). Very similar in silhouette to the Saint Laurent SDJ, the Fendi Runaway comes in a large variety of colors and sizes. A large improvement in my experience for this style is that the top handle is reversible, and the attachment clips for the handle have both gold and silver(a hugely bold move for the company).

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Alec Le is a blogger with a focus in all things fashion and beauty. Alec’s focus also includes Dallas Lifestyle as well as Wellness that he hopes will inspire his readers to live their best lives.

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